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About Sweet Rice Flour

Founder of Sweet Rice Flour, Nancy Souksavath dedicates her time with an emphasis on healthy living and how she can integrate it with baking tastiest choux puffs. She is all about creating inspired flavors that incorporate the classic American fruits she grew up eating with a hint of Asian tropical fruits that were later introduced to her by mom during her first visit to Laos & Thailand after leaving their birth country in 1987.


Through Sweet Rice Flour one of Nancy’s most important goal is to help everyone “release endorphins” a sensory of satisfaction when they’re craving sweets. In the mist of traveling with her husband and younger brother, their food and dessert adventures as well as a combined love of a childhood memory - Learning to cook from Mom in their home kitchen while bringing happiness and laughter to friends and family through food is the birth of

Sweet Rice Flour.

The Sweet Rice Flour Difference

If you can’t spell it or pronounce it, we don’t bake with it. Just like mom, we do not use any mixes, artificial preservatives, confectionary powder sugar or shortening in our products. We bake all our choux puffs by hand from scratch using only the freshest and finest ingredients.

We do not use artificial food coloring in our cream. The colors you see are naturally extracted from edible plants, flowers and vegetables to aid in the vibrant colors of our crème.

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