Founder Mission

Have you ever taken a bite of something that instantly transported you to your Happy Place? But then after raving about it to all your friends, you try it again only to get disappointed by the experience? We’ve all been there. At Sweet Rice Flour, we are on a mission to consistently create high quality desserts that take you to your Happy Place. Every. Single. Time.


Our philosophy is built around Eating Happy™, a concept that encapsulates that feeling of an everlasting food experience, or one that transports you to a higher state—solely through the power of flavor.


Sweet Rice Flour’s number one goal is to ensure that our customers get that Happy Place experience every time they try one of our handcrafted creations. Our e-bakery in Aurora Colorado does this by constantly creating new artisanal desserts that combine staple Asian flavors such as taro, pandan, and coconut milk with delicate French classics such as choux pastry and mille crepe cakes. To ensure that feel-good post-dessert bliss, we bake all our deserts with love and 100% natural ingredients.

We invite you to curb your cravings and immerse yourself in the world of Eating Happy™ with Sweet Rice Flour desserts. Pre-order online or follow us on IG to stay tuned for our next in-person event!


Company Differences

Some key points that differentiate us apart from our competitors:
  • Values The Art Of Tasty Baked Treats.

    Our founder dedicates her time experimenting how to integrate classic American fruits with Asian inspired flavors into baking healthy low-sugar and gluten-free French pastries and Asian desserts made from scratch.
  • Authentic Ingredients.

    We use REAL chocolate made in France with the finest cocoa beans. Our crème are made using fresh fruit puree and may contain chocolate. Our fruit jam are made with organic fruits sourced locally from Palisade, Colorado.
  • Following The Trend Of “Healthy Living.”

    The colors you see are natural colors extracted from edible plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables to aid in the vibrant colors of our jade flower mochi and chocolate disc.
  • Like Mom, If You Can’t Pronounce It, We Don’t Bake With It.

    We do not use box mixes, artificial preservatives, or shortening in our product.